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The MAGIC ERASER multi-purpose cleaning sponge from Heritage® is the ULTIMATE in household cleaning without the need for any detergents or chemicals....The MAGIC ERASER is made of compressed melamine foam using the latest in nano-technology and is heat resistant and cleans a multitude of sins from crayon on paint work to burnt on food on cookers to scuff marks off floors and all you need do is add water.

Magic Eraser | Chemical Free Cleaning | Power Eraser | Power Cleaning Sponge

No need for expensive detergents or harsh chemicals - just add water

Ideal for people with sensitive skin

Cuts to any size & shape - great for tackling awkward crannies

Can be used on any surface

20 sponges 100 x 70 x 30mm in every pack

Effective at shifting scuff marks from the floor, crayon marks on walls, UPVC window frames, plastic garden furniture and burnt food from pots and pans

Get 20 HERITAGE® MAGIC ERASERS today delivered to your door for just £19.99